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About Nighthawk Data Solutions, LLC

Nighthawk Data Solutions, LLC is an IT provider in Navarro and Ellis counties and the surrounding areas. A small business ourselves, we strive to support other local small businesses to achieve their goals. Much like we need assistance when dealing with tax season or legal issues, we understand that other companies need help with their IT environments. It is not always a feasible scenario to hire an in-house solution. It is not always feasible to sign multi-year IT agreements. However, it is always feasible to address your IT solution in some way or another, and that is where we can help. Whether you need break/fix support occasionally, or proactive, monthly care, Nighthawk Data Solutions has the solution for you and your business!

Business technology and growth

"At Nighthawk, our goal is to optimize your IT environment and transform your technology from a liability into an asset."

- Jason Thomas, Founder

We offer the following solutions:

Break/Fix Support

We provide Break/Fix support to clients who do not have the need for full monthly contracts. Instead, these issues are addressed as they arise (reactive support instead of proactive support).

Managed Services

This is our monthly recurring option, usually priced with a monthly base and per user charge. This offering is tailored to those that need regular support as well as the daily, weekly, and monthly proactive support such as system maintenance and patching.

IT Procurement

We offer a variety of hardware, software, and IT accessories for resale. If you need to procure new devices, we can spec it, find it, and procure it.

Structured Cabling

This solution is for those that need to move to a new location or re-wire their existing infrastructure. We can design and install your cabling layout with CAT6 wire.

Here's what our clients say about us

Lisa Sinclair - TBHC

"These guys are amazing!  Their service is outstanding and their rates are very reasonable.  They are always available when I need them and I know I can trust that the job will be completed accurately, and in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Nighthawk Data Solutions!"

Jessica Ray - Little Big Dump

"I called Nighthawk Data Solutions today and immediately got, Jason and he logged onto my computer and helped me right away. He was very patient with ALL of my question and was able to help with my needs right then. I recommend using him over Geek Squad or any other companies 100%!"

Vivian Harper - YWRD, CPA

"These guys are great to work with.  They respond quickly with helpful and constructive results!  Would highly recommend using them for your IT needs."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Break/Fix Support?

Break/Fix support is the support option that is reactive by nature. Companies usually use this option when they have fewer needs or do not have a need to commit to monthly recurring fees. Essentially, when an IT issue arises, a company can contact their IT provider to fix it. This has a major advantage of smaller commitment costs, but it also has a major disadvantage in that the support is always reacting to a problem once it has occurred.

What are Managed Services?

Managed Services and what most IT providers call their monthly recurring services. These can be packaged and priced in many different ways. However, all good Managed Service offerings will include IT support (potentially even unlimited support hours), remote monitoring and management of systems, and anti-virus software. This is just the starting point though, some providers will include some form of backups and even Microsoft 365 licenses! Unlike Break/Fix, this offering will include proactive maintenance to prevent many problems before they arise.

What is the benefit of monthly recurring Managed Services?

The main 2 benefits of Managed Services are predictable IT costs and proactive support. With a monthly recurring fee, you can adequately estimate IT costs month to month and year to year. Break/Fix, on the other hand, is always changing where one month can be zero costs and the next thousands! In addition, Managed Services offer proactive support to allow IT providers to stop many problems before they occur. This saves downtime which, in turn, saves money lost.

Is there a minimum term for Managed Services?

In order to optimize a Managed Service solution for your company, Nighthawk does require a 1-year minimum commitment for Managed Services. 2-year and 3-year are also available.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of users for Managed Services?

The is no minimum user requirement! Because Nighthawk prices the Managed Service solution with a base infrastructure cost, that allows us the ability to support businesses on Managed Service solutions with as few as 1 user.

While there is no official maximum number of users, resources do limit what Nighthawk can support. As of now, 300 users per client is the most we are able to support.

Will Nighthawk assess my environment before quoting me a solution?

Absolutely! We encourage businesses to contact us for a free consultation to ensure you get an IT solution tailored to you and your business.


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