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Always connected, always ready.

This is the motto of our team at Nighthawk Data Solutions, and it’s a motto we will deliver as your IT Consultant.

I had always been on the end-user side of computers, but in college, I decided to obtain my degree in Information Systems. I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor’s in business administration with a focus on Information Systems. With my degree, I have approximately 21 hours of IT coursework including Accounting Information Systems and 9 hours of programming (Java and Python).

In addition to my degree, I have been in the IT career field for over 4 years and have enhanced my skill set. With most of my career experience in the backup and restore capacity, I have gained an understanding of the value of business continuity plans. In addition, my role in the corporate IT world has enabled me to see the intricacies involved in having a proper IT solution.

My business coursework has built a foundation of not only business management abilities, but also a working knowledge of business needs in general allowing me to translate your company’s requirements into working solutions.

I look forward to putting my experience and skills, both technical and business, to work in delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions to you.

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Jason Thomas


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