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Our Features

Everything You'll Need

Virtualized App Delivery

Desktop and application delivery - accessible over any browser

Mobile Access

Access your virtualized apps and data from a mobile device

Office 365

We can provide various versions of Office 365 to suit you specifically

Less Hardware

Lower hardware costs when using our Virtual Enterprise Suite


Managed Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware to keep systems safe


Our cloud servers have gigabit connections for max speed

File Servers

S3 powered file storage to securely store all of your data (16+ TB)

Web Portal

We'll provide you with a web portal to access your desktop wherever you are

Error Mitigation

Regular backups will allow us to quickly get you back online in the event of a catastrophe

Everything You'll Need

Nighthawk Backup

Enterprise-class backup solution designed to protect your data through replication. Included in our specialty stacks or available standalone.

Office 365

Office 365 is included in our specialty stacks. We also sell Office standalone for smaller businesses who want to use enterprise applications.

Nighthawk Secure

A fully managed anti-malware/virus suite made to keep your investments secure. Included in our specialty stacks or available standalone.

Made just for you

Virtual Enterprise Suite

Virtualized App Delivery

Included in the monthly cost is the infrastructure needed to power your business apps. We'll provide a cloud-hosted server that is capable of delivering full programs and desktop environments anywhere you have an internet connection. We'd love to give you a live demo of this feature!

Office 365 E3

Included in the Enterprise Suite is Office 365 E3. This version of Office is designed for enterprise environments such as the one included with this stack. Security and auditing is a focus with the enterprise editions of O365.

Uptime Guarantee

We don't expect there to be any business impacting downtime, but in the event something catastrophic happens, we'll have you back up and running within 30 minutes or less.

Safe & Secure

Managed anti-virus and anti-malware will keep your physical systems secure. Managed backups (powered by Nighthawk Backup) will ensure that your data is always replicated and stored remotely in case of a disaster. We'll always be monitoring your systems with our remote tools and will report/fix problems before they occur.

Dedicated Support

We'll be here to assist when/if you run into any problems. With our stack in place, we doubt you'll run into any infrastructure issues, however we'll be ready to assist in any way we can. We won't bill you for support hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer discounts?
We do not typically offer discounts on our specialized stacks. The pricing figures in the infrastructure needed to power the stack and include support.
What if I already have a server?
If you have an on-premise server, we can help you migrate to the cloud or you can continue to use your on-premise server with our Cloud Pro plan. When you're ready to fully move to the cloud - we'll be here to help!
What applications work with the Virtual Enterprise Suite?
Our Virtual Enterprise Servers run the latest version of Windows Server. Most business applications will be able to run without issue. Please contact us so we can get a list of the programs/apps that you use and ensure everything will function optimally.
Are there long term contacts?
Depending on what you're looking to get, we may need to reach an agreement on the minimum length of service. Please reach out to us, so we can discuss your needs and give you a personalized quote.
I'm ready to sign up! What do I do?
The nature of our business-centric plans requires that we first consult/discuss your needs. Once you're ready to sign-up, we'll provide you with a quote and we can move forward from there.
What happens to my data if we discontinue service?
We'd hate to see you leave, but we understand our solution isn't for everyone. In the event you want to discontinue service, we'll provide you with the option to transfer any accounts over to you. We believe your data is strictly yours regardless of who is managing it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

7 Days/Week Support

We're here 7 days a week to remediate your issues. Contact us with any questions or issues and we'll be glad to assist you.

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