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Office 365 - Power Up

Office 365 E3 is included in our Virtual Enterprise Suite. We at Nighthawk even use it to power our business. We provide unlimited training and are working toward an online portal where you and your employees can access our training and information.


Office 365 will provide hosted email powered by Outlook - the industry standard. All business apps from Word to PowerPoint to Excel and Access - you'll have access to all the latest versions as they're updated. Best of all - you can access them anywhere!

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Office 365 E3 Included

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Office 365 E3

We provide the Enterprise version of Office 365. Even if you're just a small business - the Enterprise version of office will give you access to all the latest applications and tools to boost your business.


Microsoft does offer several version, but as a reselling partner we can provide you with the version you need all included in our Virtual Enterprise Suite.